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up Parent Directory 06-Aug-2019 18:59 - [IMG] Anteau, Kitty 50 years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:56 288k unknown Anteau, Kitty.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:56 4160k [IMG] Anteau, Kitty64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:56 208k [IMG] Aretz, Judy 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:56 312k unknown Aretz, Judy.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:56 3544k [IMG] Aretz, Judy64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:56 444k [IMG] Baranowski, Diane 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:56 316k unknown Baranowski, Diane.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2484k [IMG] Baranowski, Diane64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 412k unknown Beckner, Linda-02.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2364k [IMG] Beckner, Linda-50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 304k unknown Beckner, Linda.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3084k [IMG] Beckner, Linda64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 392k [IMG] Brosky, Frank 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 288k unknown Brosky, Frank.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3300k [IMG] Brosky, Frank64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 352k unknown Burroughs, Ron & Cheryl.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2952k [IMG] Burroughs, Ron 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 276k unknown Burroughs, Ron.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3092k [IMG] Burroughs, Ron64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 340k unknown Burroughs, Rone & Cheryl-02.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3064k unknown Cartright, Don.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3124k [IMG] Cartright, Don64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 464k [IMG] Cartwright, Don 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 288k [IMG] Cole, Dennis 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 276k unknown Cole, Dennis.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3344k [IMG] Cole, Dennis64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 296k unknown Copp, Patti-02.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 4212k [IMG] Copp, Patti-50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 348k unknown Copp, Patti.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3392k [IMG] Copp, Patti64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 392k [IMG] Copy of Gillespie, Cheryl64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 368k unknown Copy of Girls01.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2956k unknown Copy of Girls02.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2572k unknown Copy of Girls03.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2848k unknown Copy of Girls04.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3504k unknown Copy of Girls05.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3092k unknown Copy of Girls06.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2760k [IMG] Copy of Guys01.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 76k [IMG] Copy of Guys02.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 72k [IMG] Copy of GuysGirls64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 468k [IMG] Crain, Pat 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 156k unknown Crain, Pat.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2652k [IMG] Crain, Pat60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 116k [IMG] Cronce, Rick 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 356k unknown Cronce, Rick.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2932k [IMG] Cronce, Rick02-64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 252k [IMG] Cronce, Rick64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 328k [IMG] Currie, David 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 248k [IMG] Currie, David-64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 300k [IMG] Currie, David.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 112k [IMG] Currie, Keith 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 644k [IMG] Currie, Keith.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 420k [IMG] Currie, Keith64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 740k unknown Dead Guys.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3608k [IMG] Denis, Dorthy 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 256k unknown Denis, Dorthy.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3668k [IMG] Denis, Dorthy60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 284k [IMG] Derwoed, Ed 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 292k unknown Derwoed, Ed.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3288k [IMG] Derwoed, Ed64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 432k [IMG] Dunne, Eileen 50Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 260k [IMG] Dunne, Eileen.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 224k [IMG] Dunne, Eileen60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 296k [IMG] Fallantich, Jan 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 268k unknown Fallantich, Jan.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3024k [IMG] Fallantich, Jan60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 360k [IMG] Ferrans, Peggy 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 324k unknown Ferrans, Peggy.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3344k [IMG] Ferrans, Peggy64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 420k [IMG] Fite, Nancy 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 324k unknown Fite, Nancy.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3628k [IMG] Fite, Nancy64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 392k [IMG] Franklin, Christine 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 308k unknown Franklin, Christine.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 3316k [IMG] Franklin, Christine64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 392k [IMG] Gehringer, Joe 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 280k unknown Gehringer, Joe.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:57 2764k [IMG] Gehringer, Joe64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 384k [IMG] Gilbert, Mike 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 316k unknown Gilbert, Mike.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 4368k [IMG] Gilbert, Mike60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:57 368k [IMG] Gilbert, Mike65.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 308k [IMG] Gill, Joyce 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 336k unknown Gill, Joyce.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 4508k [IMG] Gill, Joyce64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 352k [IMG] Gillespie, Cheryl 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 312k unknown Gillespie, Cheryl.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3144k [IMG] Gillespie, Cheryl64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 368k unknown Girls01.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2956k unknown Girls02.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2572k unknown Girls03.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2848k unknown Girls04.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3504k unknown Girls05.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3092k unknown Girls06.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2760k [IMG] Guys01.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 76k [IMG] Guys02.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 72k [IMG] GuysGirls 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 580k [IMG] GuysGirls64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 468k [IMG] Harland, Dennis 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 320k unknown Harland, Dennis.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3248k [IMG] Harland, Dennis64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 420k [IMG] Hillen, Dennis65.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 360k [IMG] Hillien, Dennis 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 284k unknown Hillien, Dennis.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 4128k [IMG] Hillien, Dennis60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 340k [IMG] Holland, Neva 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 316k unknown Holland, Neva.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3036k [IMG] Holland, Neva64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 388k [IMG] Hulett, Jim 50Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 296k unknown Hulett, Jim.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2564k [IMG] Hulett, Jim64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 412k [IMG] Hynd, Cora 50Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 300k unknown Hynd, Cora.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2892k [IMG] Hynd, Cora64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 400k [IMG] Lassen, Faye 50Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 272k unknown Lassen, Faye.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2568k [IMG] Lassen, Faye64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 388k [IMG] Lee, David 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 300k unknown Lee, David.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2600k [IMG] Lee, David64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 440k [IMG] Leeth, Thelma 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 284k unknown Leeth, Thelma.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2768k unknown Leeth, Thelma02.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2228k [IMG] Leeth, Thelma64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 380k [IMG] Loselle, Ed 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 156k [IMG] Loselle, Ed-64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 180k [IMG] Loselle, Ed.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 84k [IMG] Lowe, Bethene 5o Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 332k unknown Lowe, Bethene.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3212k [IMG] Lowe, Bethene64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 408k [IMG] Mason, Barbara 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 300k unknown Mason, Barbara.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2448k [IMG] Mason, Barbara64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 412k [IMG] McCann, Marianne 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 340k unknown McCann, Marianne.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3052k [IMG] McCann, Marianne64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 464k [IMG] McCormick, Pat 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 372k unknown McCormick, Pat.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3440k [IMG] McCormick, Pat64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 400k [IMG] McGovern, Bill 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 228k [IMG] McGovern, Bill.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 212k [IMG] McGovern, Bill60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 320k [IMG] Mesic, Gary.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 200k [IMG] Mesick, Gary 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 172k unknown Mesick, Gary.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2724k [IMG] Mesick, Gary60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 304k unknown Moss, Jim & wife.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3292k [IMG] Moss, Jim 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 176k unknown Moss, Jim.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 2964k [IMG] Moss, Jim64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 200k [IMG] Muck, David-64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 240k [IMG] Muck. David.50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 216k [IMG] Muck. David.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 132k [IMG] Naylor, Carole 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 416k unknown Naylor, Carole-02.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 4028k unknown Naylor, Carole.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:58 3972k [IMG] Naylor, Carole64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:58 524k [IMG] Naylor, Carole66.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 680k unknown Nordwall Cindy & Frank.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3344k [IMG] Nordwall, Cindy 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 216k unknown Nordwall, Cindy.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 2724k [IMG] Nordwall, Cindy64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 272k [IMG] Pricor, Cathy 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 304k unknown Pricor, Cathy.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 2708k [IMG] Pricor, Cathy64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 400k [IMG] Richardson, Bob 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 280k unknown Richardson, bob.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 2840k [IMG] Richardson, bob64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 396k [IMG] Smigel, Barb 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 276k unknown Smigel, Barb.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 2668k [IMG] Smigel, Barb64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 364k [IMG] Spenz, Gloria 60 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 292k unknown Spenz, Gloria.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3104k [IMG] Spenz, Gloria64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 368k unknown Stanton, Denny & Pat-02.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3164k unknown Stanton, Denny (2).JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3608k [IMG] Stanton, Denny 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 240k unknown Stanton, Denny.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 2892k [IMG] Stanton, Denny64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 264k [IMG] Sybczyk, Mary Ann 50 Tears.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 312k unknown Sybczyk, Mary Ann.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3336k [IMG] Sybczyk, Mary Ann64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 404k [IMG] Syzmanski, Tom 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 308k unknown Syzmanski, Tom.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3092k [IMG] Syzmanski, Tom65.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 436k [IMG] Theissen, Bob 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 312k unknown Theissen, Bob.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3324k [IMG] Theissen, Bob64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 400k [IMG] Tomaszewski, Sandy 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 220k unknown Tomaszewski, Sandy.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 2244k [IMG] Tomaszewski, Sandy64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 284k unknown Vyletel, Amdy.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3520k [IMG] Vyletel, Amdy64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 236k [IMG] Vyletel, Andy 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 220k [IMG] Warrington, Janet 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 284k unknown Warrington, Janet.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3200k [IMG] Warrington, Janet64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 344k [IMG] Whitson, Rick 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 292k unknown Whitson, Rick.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 2664k [IMG] Whitson, Rick64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 344k unknown Whitson, RickDamcing.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 2012k [IMG] Witzke, Tom 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 284k [IMG] Witzke, Tom, Syzmanski, Tom.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 88k unknown Witzke, Tom.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3052k [IMG] Witzke, Tom64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 360k [IMG] Young, Jim 50Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 368k [IMG] Young, Jim.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 164k [IMG] Young, Jim64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 512k [IMG] richey, iris 50 Years.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 256k unknown richey, iris.JPG 06-Aug-2019 18:59 3288k [IMG] richey, iris64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 352k [IMG] zAndes, Judy64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 428k [IMG] zBaranowski, Boib60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 172k [IMG] zBarzo, Ken.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 428k [IMG] zBenkarski, Gary.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 384k [IMG] zBookman, Diane64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 440k [IMG] zBrennan, Hubie.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 376k [IMG] zCastor, Donna64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 416k [IMG] zChambers, Clark64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 340k [IMG] zDaPra, Diane64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 376k [IMG] zEggers, Jim60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 224k [IMG] zEnglish, John64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 220k [IMG] zEvans, Candy64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 380k [IMG] zGabli, Frank64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 468k [IMG] zGee, John64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 412k [IMG] zGregory, Jill60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 180k [IMG] zHarold, Janice64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 232k [IMG] zJeter, Gary64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 184k [IMG] zKnight, Jack60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 216k [IMG] zKovacs, Bill64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 328k [IMG] zKrauziewiez, Chester60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 260k [IMG] zKurilla, Bob.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 448k [IMG] zKwalton, Rick.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 100k [IMG] zLaBedz, Chester64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 328k [IMG] zLaginess, Lynn64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 412k [IMG] zLawrence, Richard64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 348k [IMG] zLumsden, Jim60.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 348k [IMG] zMacKenzie, Judy.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 76k [IMG] zMorrison, Linda64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 380k [IMG] zPushies, Dennis64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 232k [IMG] zRiutta, Karen64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 256k [IMG] zRushlow, Bernie.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 248k [IMG] zRussel, Jim64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 376k [IMG] zSorovetz, Mike64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 188k [IMG] zTadlock, Mike64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 364k [IMG] zVincent, Sherry.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 236k [IMG] zWilliamson, Don64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 360k [IMG] zWiner, Matt64.jpg 06-Aug-2019 18:59 364k

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